Heidegger and Doctorow

At first thought, there are few writers more different than philosopher Heidegger and Canadian science fiction novelist Cory Doctorow. But there is an area where their writing intersects. That area is what I’m writing about in an article to be presented at the symposium that will be hosted May 7 by Dr Richard Lane at Vancouver Island University.

The title for Lane’s symposium is — The Many Masks/Masques of Heidegger: Technology, Poeisis and Humanism: A Literary Theory Research Group Symposium. And the working title for my paper is “Where Heidegger and Doctorow Intersect in the Creative Commons Licensing of Pirate Cinema.


It’s great to take time today comparing what Heidegger has written about technology and creativity and entrepreneurial activities with what Doctorow has written on the same subject, not only in his novel Pirate Cinema but in commentaries meant for other writers to read and discuss. And all of these texts are available on-line, at no charge! I’ve been reading and cutting and pasting and doing searches… much as I love printed books, an index is no substitute for a good search engine when trying to find a certain word in an author’s oeuvre.