University College Dublin Classical Museum joins Consortium

This morning, I received word from John Howard at the University College Dublin that their Roman coins have been published into the UCD institutional repository. The coins are described in NUDS/XML, an emerging standard for encoding numismatic data–partly influenced by common library standards like EAD and EAC-CPF, but also very much influenced by the tenets of linked open data. I ingested RDF output conforming to the data model into nomisma’s SPARQL endpoint, and so the coins are available for query. They will be available in RRC Online, a digital representation of the Roman Republican Coinage type corpus by Michael Crawford (this is a joint digital project between the ANS and British Museum). This is still a prototype, but feel free to poke around. It will be production ready within the next month or two, and will contain coins from the British Museum, American Numismatic Society, University of Virginia Art Museum numismatic collection, Virginia Museum of Fine Arts, and now the UCD Classical Museum. Additionally, it will leverage more than 700 findspots from Kris Lockyear’s Coin Hoards of the Roman Republic.

You can see some examples of UCD coins here (toward the bottom, as coins are arranged alphabetically by collection name).

The following SPARQL query will list all of UCD’s coins:

PREFIX nm:    <>
SELECT * WHERE { ?s nm:collection nm:ucd }