What We’ll be Doing on the Day of DH

digi hum word cloud

The Day of DH 2014 at WCU:  A Panel Exploring the Question “Just What Do Digital Humanists Really Do?”

Tuesday, April 8, 2014, 3:15-4:15 pm  

LOCATION: Main Hall 202


“Using Google Maps and Batchgeo to demonstrate language variation”

  • Mahmoud Amer, WCU Dept. of Languages and Cultures

“How to Do Things with Things that Do Things with Words: Voyant Tools for Textual Analysis and Visualization”

  • Randall Cream, WCU Dept. of English

“Marrying old and new technologies while developing a strong library-teaching faculty collaboration”

  • Janneken Smucker, WCU Dept. of History, and Tara Wink, WCU Library, Special Collections 

“Going digital: some ready-made tools for getting started”

  • Eleanor Shevlin, WCU Dept. of English

“Thinking critically about the Trans/Post-human through literature and a virtual environment”

  • Robert Fletcher, WCU Dept. of English