My First Day of DH

I decided to take the plunge and blog about my day of DH. But much of my day will also be a good ol’ Day of H—another day as a working historian. I’ll have some meetings with graduate students, try to pull together my thoughts after a weekend of conferences, and prepare to travel to the annual meeting of the Organization of American Historians this weekend in Atlanta. As part of this I will probably do some updating of my open research notebook wiki, which I see partly as an experiment in digital humanities publication and open access.

I do have some DH things to do, however. This semester I am teaching a Digital History Methods course at Rice University, and students are currently hard at work on end-of-semester projects designed to text mine and visualize a collection of runaway slave advertisements that we have collected in collaboration with students at the University of North Texas. One of our outputs for the class so far has been a Twitter feed that automatically tweets excerpts from our ads, for reasons that my students have described in this introductory essay. I need to do some upkeep on the feed today, especially by fully automating the process by which tweets are posted.