Gruppenfoto2013My day at Trier Center for Digital Humanities begins with sunshine in the morning. Early birds start working at 8 a.m., and so do I.

I check my mails for urgent tasks to tackle. Today is Day of DH 2014, and as I am responsible for public relations and scientific communication, I want to tell the DH community about my day at the Trier Center for Digital Humanities. First, I will introduce some of our projects to you but you also will find links to our scholar’s blogs below.

Our center was founded in 1998, and since the term “Digital Humanities” was not yet actually in use it could be seen as a pioneer for digital approaches to conventional material. As a part of the Department of Language, Literature and Media Studies at the University of Trier we employ more than 40 people of a broad range of scientific backgrounds: Computer scientists, humanists, web designers and students. One can say that informatics and humanities actually collaborate in Trier and we are glad to cooperate with a lot of German and international universities and institutions to spread our concept of fruitful interaction between techologists and humanists.

Learn more about us on our website: http://kompetenzzentrum.uni-trier.de/en/

Visit our scholar’s blogs:

Caroline Sporleder (Professor for Digital Humanities): http://dayofdh2014.matrix.msu.edu/csporled/

Hannah Busch & Philipp Vanscheidt (eCodicology): http://dayofdh2014.matrix.msu.edu/ecodicology/

Silvia Stoyanova (Post Doc scholarship holder): http://dayofdh2014.matrix.msu.edu/sms116/

Joshgun Sirajzade (Arthur Schnitzler edition): http://dayofdh2014.matrix.msu.edu/criticalapparatus/

Jürgen Knauth (SeNeReKo): http://dayofdh2014.matrix.msu.edu/senereko/