The rest of Digital Humanities @ Bern

So…that’s twice this week that I’ve made the same mistake. I mentioned in my last post that we’ll be looking at web publishing platforms in the Tools & Techniques class tomorrow, but I was wrong! We are actually scheduled to be looking at mapping tools and GIS. Shows what I know. Oh well, at least I got a head start on next week’s preparation.

The other half (mostly) of the Digital Humanities team at Bern.

While I was working on that somewhat misguided class preparation, my assistant Thomas dropped by with a few things that needed my attention. Between the two of us, and with some help from a secretary attached to the Institute for Advanced Study in the Humanities, we are DH @ Bern. This entire escapade of establishing DH here would be a lot harder without all the help he cheerfully gives.

The picture also shows my fairly sparse office – really I ought to have drawn something colorful and abstract and exotic up on the whiteboard before I took the picture. This is a transitional year in many ways though, and this office will only be mine for another few months, until we move to the main humanities building in August.

Not pictured here, because I didn’t see them today, are my fellow members of the Kompetenznetzwerk ‘Digitale Information’, a research networking endeavor between the humanities faculty, the department for Wirtschaftsinformatik (“business informatics”), and the master’s program in Archival and Library Information Science and funded in part by the Swiss Post. Between all of us and our respective areas of expertise, digital information doesn’t stand a chance of keeping any of its secrets. Just like the Digital Humanities program, the Digital Information network is in its very early days as we all find our niches here in Bern.

So where do we go from here? It’s a good question. There are a couple of projects in the works for both Digital Humanities and Digital Information, and there are a couple more classes to dream up and design for the students, and beyond that we just have to keep announcing our presence and the sheer awesomeness of all things digitally humanistic, until the students are queuing out the door for the chance to work on digital projects. That’s what they do at all the other universities, right??