Day of DH Omnibus

Exhiliarating Day of DH at Virginia Commonwealth University.
This is a placeholder for a longer post or posts to follow if we get the opportunity to do more.

Started the day with very productive meeting with CWRC team and Open Sky Solutions on remaining details re: implementing Open Annotation data model in CWRC-Writer for standoff annoations, but with corresponding XML tags for those using TEI, etc. [Is anyone out there using OA for citations? If so, what’s your “motivation” or predicate?]

Then off to lunch lunch in a beautiful room in VCU special collections in a library building about to be transformed by renovation, a busy day of meeting fabulous people form the VCU library and from various depatments, debating often quite fiercely things DH and digital history and non-DH.

Thanks to John Glover, Richard Godbeer, and all the #digprag Digital Pragmata folks for making us feel so welcome, and to my thoughtful and challenging co-panellists Aaron McCollough and Stephen Robertson, not to mention all the other great folks we met at VCU. What a great community!