Severe security problem: All users should update their linux systems immediately

It’s a bit sad that I can not start this blog with an a bit less technical entry, but the severeness of this problem must be brought to attention to all users. As explained here there is a major security issue regarding OpenSSL which is used by various software packages including the web server Apache, SSH and others. It is mandatory that all users administrating linux systems update their systems immediately.

The Day of DH is about what digital humanists do. Sometimes updating computer systems is one of the tasks: F.e. in our project “SeNeReKo” we maintain an own web server to host important data for all project members.  As we maintain this server on our own to reduce administrative overhead once in a while a few classic server administration tasks (like such described above) have to be performed. In this case these are really simple. So simple that writing a blog entry about them takes much more effort than performing the actual system update.