Troubleshooting, Help and Confusion

As I talked about in my previous posts this course engaged me in quite a steep learning curve because I was taken so far out of my comfort zone.

I had to adapt fairly quickly to all this information in order to be able to do the course work. This is where troubleshooting skill development and the Help sections became my best assets.

Learning a new skill in such a short amount of time is not very easy and does not come without, in this case, sometimes very dazed and confused stares at a computer screen. I learned, however, to not neglect the help sections on various websites. The confusion turned out to actually help me better develop my skills in troubleshooting, which I think is a skill that is often overlooked by many and understood by few.

This is yet another skill that I can take away from this course that I think applies over a broad spectrum of things and not just coding and the digital world in general.