The end of the day for this digital humanist is distinctly non-digital. I’m at home, working on my Semantics midterm. I tell people, “By night, I’m a Computational Linguistics student!” And I literally mean by night. There’s actually a candle burning just outside the frame of the above photo. I’ll be burning that midnight oil aromatherapeutic wax.

I’m studying Computational Linguistics because I’m interested in NLP, and the humanist in me would like to one day use linguistics to ask large-scale literary questions and/or build Roald Dahl’s Great Automatic Grammatizator.

Semantics is one of the optionally required courses for my Comp Ling MA degree. I’m required to take either that or Phonetics, and I have a lot of interest in text and very little interest in sound, so Semantics it is. I must confess, it’s much harder than I’d originally thought. Object-oriented programming did not prepare me for formal logical proofs. To really dig into the material, I find it much more mentally effective  to use paper & pencil, rather than LaTeX or any text editing software.

You DHers can roll your eyes at my privileging of certain writing technologies or wonder if it’s the smell of the paper that really gets me going or whatever. But I’ve got a take-home midterm to finish up!

Cheers, #DayofDH. High-fives all around!