Book exhibit

handout 2One of my colleagues, Tania, and I are collaborating on an exhibit about wonder women fighting for justice!! Or our less awesome but agreed-upon title, From Policewomen to Female Police Officers: A Brief History from 1845 to the 1970s. Tania picked out the books and wrote the essay, and I designed the exhibit (which will be in a glass case downstairs) and the handout. The exhibit will also be featured online as a blog post with links to resources.

Two cool little things about this cool little project:

  • I used DP.LA for real for the first time to find a resource! (Rather than to demonstrate the awesome power of linked open data)
  • I also found more things to illustrate the history of women police right from our own collection. Those three older ladies in foofy dresses down below? Badass police officers in 1956.


We periodically do these exhibits to highlight items from our collection. Yeah, my title isĀ Emerging Technologies Librarian, but I also like getting involved in “traditional” librarian stuff too, like setting up these exhibits and so on.

Plus, my InDesign skills impress everybody at this college.