This is a preliminary and chronological index of the translations done and/or published right during DayofDH, a few more are almost ready and will be published as soon as possible.

2010 Digital Humanities in Spanish? by Juan Luis Suárez Tr. EN: Élika Ortega

2011 What Are the Digital Humanities? by Isabel Galina Tr. EN: Tim Thompson

2012 Bibliotheca Mexicana: Virtue, Condemnation, Possibility by Ernesto Priani, Tr. EN: Glen Worthey

2013 New Technologies and Institutions by Miriam Peña Tr. EN: Miriam Peña

2013 “Digital Teaching” by Edith Gutiérrez Tr. EN: Miriam Peña

2014 Geopolitics of Knowledge and Digital Humanities by Paola Ricaurte Tr. EN: Paola Ricaurte

2014 Check! Best Practice Guidelines for Digital Humanities Projects Isabel Galina & RedHD team Tr. EN: RedHD Team w/Josh Honn

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