Whole person

With thanks to Kathryn Tomasek for the reminder that “we are whole people“, my Day of DH didn’t stop when I left work.

Today, my husband and son met me outside my office, and we headed to the main Berkeley library where I used my access privileges track down and check out six dictionaries for my husband (various combinations of English, Greek, Romanian, Romani, and dialectal Serbian). He’s doing some research assistant work for an emeritus professor on the side while doing a career transition from humanities PhD to medicine, but his pre-med night classes at Berkeley Extension don’t give him library access.

JupiterSince it was a gorgeous, sunny day, we strolled from there to Jupiter, our favorite neighborhood brewpub just off campus, to enjoy a pint on the patio and figure out summer travel plans. I kept an eye on my email, and replied to a few active threads from my phone. I’m not looking forward to having to explain my off-work email interruptions to my son when he gets older, and I’ll probably have to to set some clearer boundaries on it, but at 4 1/2 months old, as long as there’s a bottle and strangers to watch and smile at, he doesn’t mind in the least.

By the time we got home, it was almost bedtime for the baby– a rather protracted affair this evening. Once it was done, I took care of a couple more emails, finished uploading the daily baby photos to Flickr (the grandparents will be logging on early from the East Coast to see), and decided to go to bed early, while my husband was hard at work rearranging the living room, culling books from our former lives as Slavists and people with a lot of time to read paper books, to make room for a standing desk and colorful toys that squeak and crinkle.

And that concluded my Day of DH.