Digital humanities in Research IT

Today was the first meeting of the 20-some person Research IT team since last October, covering the major projects, budget proposals, and activities that have developed between then and now. Somewhat unusually, we’re the primary group that provides central support for digital humanities, but we report up through the CIO, rather than being affiliated with the library.

The meeting covered a wide range of topics, from the current budget process to a new set of research computing (including high-performance computing) services, our ongoing strategic planning process, deployments and sustainability for CollectionSpace, and digital humanities.

Since digital humanities was one of the later items on the agenda, I didn’t attempt to restrain my legendary tendency to speak far too quickly, in order to get through everything in seven minutes. I covered DiRT, the hackathon, the new Digital Humanities @ Berkeley site, and our work around building a digital humanities community on campus through sponsoring DHSI, and encouraging people to participate in Day of DH (which led to a meta-moment as our DH Assistant, Cindy, tweeted about me presenting on Day of DH). I managed to finish with 60 seconds to spare.