Beyond Anglophone Digital Humanities, DH in the Spanish-speaking world

It’s interesting (and heartening) to see that a lot of the groups ( taking part in #DayofDH have a regional/national/cultural perspective. A lot of my research over the last year has been focused on global perspectives on digital humanities, in particular in the Spanish-speaking world* and I was one of the initiators of the Spanish/Portuguese language ‘edition’ of #DayofDH, Día/Dia de las Humanidades Digitales 2013 #DiaHD in 2013, an experience  we’re hoping to repeat again in the next couple of months. Time will tell if a separate edition in those languages is really necessary, but the experience was very useful in forging contacts, mutual awareness and a sense of ‘community’ (although that word does tend to get rather over-used in DH!) and we’ll be discussing the experience in a short paper at the DH2014 conference in Lausanne.

My other activity in Lausanne will be a joint presentation with Elena Gonzalez-Blanco (from the UNED University in Spain,  similar to the Open University in the UK) with the title ‘Global Challenges, Local Interpretations. An analytical perspective about DH in Spain’, which forms part of a panel on Global Outlook DH. Elena and I recently submitted a historical perspective on the field in Spain to a journal in Germany and are now turning our attention to broader challenges in how to track Digital Humanities activity in countries which have not traditionally received much international coverage, in a field with a clear Anglophone bias.

* I have a chapter coming out shortly in an online monograph due to be published by Janus (, for example.