Who’s out there today? Let’s see, who has a blog?

oh! And people like Tessa (CCeH) have activity streams instead of blogs, maybe I should have a closer look at them as well.


Again, the Day of DH falls on a Tuesday, my home office day.

View from my home office
View from my home office

The view from the window hasn’t changed much as compared to 2012 and 2010, or has it? Go, find the differences.

My office at the university is empty today (well, the intern had to leave my desk for the photo)

University Office
University Office

As you can see from the comparison to  2013 or 2009, we have moved! The CCeH now has much more office space for its already c. 15 staff members. Instead of Universitätsstraße 22, top floor left you now find us at Universitätsstraße 22, top floor right!




There are basically three kinds of tasks each day:

  1. Important things, big issues, large projects – I never find much time to care for these. As of today these would be:
    • Develop my own next research project (read texts, search for information, communicate with colleagues, think about the setting for a funding proposal)
    • Coordinate and contribute to the Data Center for the Humanities at Cologne (DCH)
    • The papyrus project
    • The capitularia project
    • work on the english translation of my report on DH study programs
    • write an article on “organizational settings for scholarly digital editions”
  2. Things with a close deadline – no question, these rule every other thing out
    • Prepare a lecture/contribution for a workshop on Thursday in Berlin, Humboldt University
    • Other things which I managed to forget but of which I will be reminded during the day
  3. All these small and medium tasks which I try to get rid of as quick as possible; often at least small steps in larger projects – these eat up 80%-90% of my time; ok let’s start, what’s on the menu for today (as far as I can see in the morning! things tend to come up by themselves) …
    • contribute to the setup of a new working group on humanities data centers within the German association for DH
    • review students course work from the last term and communicate with them
    • spread the word for the new DHCommons journal
    • work for an upcoming journal with reviews on scholarly digital editions
    • answer e-mail

What has changed?


… since my last day of DH?

In september 2013 I took over the substitution for a junior professorship in Digital Humanities at the University of Cologne. So I stopped working for the great project DARIAH-DE (Digital Research Infrastructures for the Arts and Humanities) and had to de-officialize my work for the DH aspects in the long-term projects of the North Rhine-Westphalian Academy of Sciences, Humanities and the Arts.

Since that was only a one term substitution, I returned to my old duties at April, 1. Right now I have two 50% positions (or 51 + 49 – for some complicated legal reasons – to be more precise):

  1. General manager for the Cologne Center for eHumanities (CCeH)
  2. Researcher for the Academy projects mentioned above

We’ll see what that means for my daily work at April, 8th, 2014 …

Good Morning!

Ah, the next day of DH.

To me, this is really a kind of personal diary writing – only with 364/365 gaps. As for the last days, let’s see whether the original links (as of my own page) still work …

  • 2013 – – works
  • 2012 – – works
  • 2011 – – uh, not found! I cannot see where it has been moved. It’s not in the wayback machine  :-(  – I hope that somebody will care for this?
  • 2010 – – same problem
  • 2009 – – same problem

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