Tim Thompson

How do you Define DH?

On one level, digital humanities is about applying computational methods to questions and problems that have traditionally interested scholars in the humanities. Computational analysis can make it possible to tease out patterns or relationships that are difficult, or impossible, for humans to detect. The purview of the digital humanities extends beyond methodology, however. It is also about raising new questions and exploring topics such as digital literacy and the cultural impact of new media. Whatever the approach, academic libraries have an important role to play in providing the infrastructure and support that digital humanities projects require in order to be sustainable.


University of Miami Libraries


I joined the University of Miami Libraries in 2012 as a Metadata Librarian after receiving a Master of Library Science (Digital Libraries Specialization) and completing a concurrent Master of Arts in Latin American and Caribbean Studies, both at Indiana University Bloomington. I also hold a Master of Arts in English from Boston College. As a Metadata Librarian, I help manage and describe the Libraries’ digital assets, collaborating with faculty and staff in Cataloging & Metadata Services, Digital Scholarship & Programs, and special collections. My specific responsibilities include metadata creation for collections in Spanish. My professional interests include exploring linked data applications and developing tools and strategies for repurposing archival metadata. I am also interested in global perspectives on research and practice in the digital humanities.