Sharon Webb

How do you Define DH?

The exercise of defining digital humanities can often leave us with more questions, lingering theories and answers that allude to some aspect of the question but which inevitably lead to assertions that perhaps, digital humanities, is open to interpretation. Essentially, what it is or is not is based on “your” interpretation and perspective as either a practitioner, theorist or an observer. In its simplest guise, digital humanities (from my perspective) is the provision and development of technology for the humanities, which is itself focused on artifactual evidence to theorise and explore human culture, thought and society.


An Foras Feasa


I am currently the requirements analyst for the Digital Repository of Ireland (DRI) and am involved with various aspects of the technical and social/policy development of the repository.

Interested in digital humanities with particular focus on digital history and the methods and supports for historical argument development. Also interested in the idea of digital historicism and all things associational (e.g. historical social network analysis) in late eighteenth and early nineteenth century Ireland.