Stan Ruecker

How do you Define DH?

DH includes 3 aspects: using digital materials, tools, and methods in the humanities; developing digital materials, tools, and methods for use in the humanities; and subjecting the digital to humanities study.


IIT Institute of Design


I am an Associate Professor at the IIT Institute of Design in Chicago, with current research interests in the areas of humanities visualization, the future of reading, and information design. I have a PhD, MDes, MA, BA Hons, and BSc. I have supervised graduate students and led seminars on experimental interface design, knowledge management and analysis, research methods, and interdisciplinary research project management. My work focuses on developing prototypes to support the hermeneutic or interpretive process. My book Visual Interface Design for Digital Cultural Heritage, co-authored by Milena Radzikowska and Stéfan Sinclair, was released in 2011 by Ashgate Press.