Scott Kleinman

How do you Define DH?

DH is a cover term for a wide variety of activities that attempt to explore and expand areas of knowledge typically examined in the Humanities by developing and/or applying computational tools or methods in ways best suited for these areas. DH is also a cover term for a supporting community of practitioners who share a common interest in the tools and methods–and challenges–generated by the activities DH scholars, as well as potentially useful activities in fields outside the traditional Humanities.


California State University, Northridge


Scott Kleinman is Professor of English and Director of the Center for the Digital Humanities at California State University, Northridge. He received my MA at the University of St Andrews and his PhD in Anglo-Saxon, Norse, and Celtic from the University of Cambridge. He works on medieval language and literature from the Anglo-Saxon period to the fourteenth century with a special emphasis on Old English and early Middle English. He currently serves as co-Director of the Archive of Early Middle English Project, and he has also worked on the Lexomics project, which studies literature using computational stylistics, and the online search tool Serendip-o-matic, developed as part of the One Week | One Tool project.