Sharon Cogdill

How do you Define DH?

Digital Humanities is just our everyday normal way of doing business, but with slightly more awareness than usual that a lot of what everybody does is digital — and an awareness of some of the things that that might mean. And a willingness to think about them and try digital options.


English Department, St. Cloud State University


English teacher, Victorianist and digital humanist, working on representing in a digital way social events and networks in London at the end of the 19thc. Building a DH program based on projects at St. Cloud State University in the curriculum, in History and English, hoping to develop DHers who can do better than we can. Working with a Chris Lehman in the Ethnic Studies program to make a digital exhibit in which we narrate the stories of the people who were slaves in central Minnesota just before the U.S. Civil War (1850s and 1860s).

Also, my students call me a font geek.