Sara Humphreys

How do you Define DH?

That’s a tough one. I think Matthew Gold et al defined it very well as did the ubiquitous Hayles. Digital Humanities, for me, brings the humanities to the forefront. Just speaking for my own discipline, English, we bring an ability to read closely and analyze language and its uses. We read texts of all kinds as performing cultural work and, in turn, we suggest or even produce new ways of thinking about those texts. Digital humanities allows us to use a vast set of critical tools to analyze and create ways of being in the digital realm.


Trent University


I am a teacher and researcher in the interconnected fields of digital humanities, game studies, and critical race and gender studies. My research explores how digital technology remediates oppressive discourses and, conversely, how digital technology can alleviate this oppression. More specifically, in both my teaching and research, I am intensely and passionately interested in how acts of decolonization can and have been realized via narrative in various digital contexts and forms. I am also the lead for a collective, collaborative project that explores how digital tech is changing academia – you can take a look at this project at