Robert P. Fletcher

How do you Define DH?

For the developing Digital Humanities group at West Chester University, the Digital Humanities include:

1. Studying technology & the culture of technology. This approach subjects technology to the core skills of critical thinking and ethical responsiveness that define humanistic studies as a discipline. (Technology as Object);

2. Using technology to accomplish one of the key missions within the humanities, e.g. teaching with technology, writing with/as technology, computational methods in textual analysis/stylistics. (Technology as Method);

3. Creative and critical production using digital technologies—XML markup, coding & scripting, web production, & user interaction (Technology as Making).   [In the words of my colleague, Randall Cream]


West Chester University


Robert P. Fletcher is a professor of English at West Chester University of Pennsylvania. He has published articles on Victorian literature in such journals as PMLA, ELH, Studies in the Novel, and Victorian Poetry. His essay comparing the role of the reader-player in computer adventure games and electronic literature appeared in Playing the Past: History and Nostalgia in Video Games (2008), and his analysis of the tension between a hacker ethic and a hawker entrepreneurialism in Cory Doctorow’s science fiction and blogging appeared in Science Fiction Studies (37.1, March 2010). Currently, he is developing competencies as a digital humanist and writing on the topic of queer politics in the science fiction of Chris Moriarty.