Luciano de Sampaio Soares

How do you Define DH?

DH, for me at least, is more about the Humanities than about the Digital. While the pervading digital (and online) structure has some part in change, it’s from culture – and shock of differing cultures – that such changes are truly born. So, DH is pretty much a way to explore the role played by the digital within a much larger context, as well as an exploration on how to use the same digital to further understand the intricacies of culture.


Universidade Tuiuti do ParanĂ¡


Currently a Master’s in Communication and Languages student at Universidade Tuiuti do ParanĂ¡, with a professional background in design, print and photography. While not actively teaching right now, I’ve already lectured on photography, digital imagery and image manipulation. Current research involves performance through image re-sharing on social network sites.