Jürgen Knauth

How do you Define DH?

Personally, I don’t define DH. Definitions should be done by others than myself. But I have a pretty clear understanding what I think DH is: DH is the “place” where various disciplines meet, especially informatics and humanities. There are numerous of problems that can only be solved if those expertises are brought together. The project I’m working on – SeNeReKo – is a great example for such co-operation of multiple disciplines.


Trier Center for Digital Humanities


About 10 years ago I studied computer science in Munich. There I got my diploma in informatics with minor field theoretical medicine. After doing some software development training for companies like Siemens as a freelancer and implementing software on early handhelds for an american media-startup i went into the field of geomarketing. There I continued to enhance my software developing skills and got more project experience, until finally I decided to return to the academic sector. Now I am working at the Center for Digital Humanities here in Trier in one of the most interesting projects I ever worked on: SeNeReKo. In a sense a real DH project, where various disciplines are brought together: Informatics, computer linguistics, indology, egyptology and social science.