Elisa E. Beshero-Bondar

How do you Define DH?

working with computers to process research questions in the humanities–so we can see and understand more about human beings and their arts and literature–the material traces of their mental activities–than we can do with unassisted eyes and brains.


University of Pittsburgh at Greensburg


I’m a college professor at Pitt-Greensburg, and I teach and research a broad range of English, American, and world literature, including science fiction and fantasy, though my calling is early 19th-century Romanticism. I’m working on teaching and research applications of XML and related coding in digital humanities, and I’m the Principal Editor of the Digital Mary Russell Mitford and the Digital Pacific projects. Together with Gregory Bondar, I tend a garden that raises saffron crocuses in the fall, and we share our living quarters with a pair of Japanese firebelly newts.