Diane Jakacki

How do you Define DH?

Digital Humanities is any scholarly activity that makes extensive use of one or more of the new possibilities for teaching and research opened up by the unique affordances of digital media. These include, but are not limited to, new forms of collaboration, new forms of publication, and new methods for visualizing and analyzing data.


Bucknell University


Diane Jakacki is the Digital Scholarship Coordinator at Bucknell University, where she explores and institutes ways in which Digital Humanities tools and methodologies can be leveraged in a small liberal arts environment. Before Bucknell she was a Marion L. Brittain Postdoctoral Fellow at Georgia Tech. She earned her PhD at the University of Waterloo, where in her dissertation she analyzed patterns of visual rhetoric in the illustrated title pages of seventeenth-century English printed drama. Her research specialties include digital humanities methodologies as applied to early modern British literature and drama, visual rhetoric, and the ways in which pedagogy can be transformed by means of digital interventions. She is an assistant director of the Digital Humanities Summer Institute, a member of the pedagogical advisory board for Map of Early Modern London project and a member of the digital advisory committees for the Records of Early English Drama, and Iter. She is currently editing King Henry VIII for the Internet Shakespeare Editions.