Chris Milando

How do you Define DH?

For me, the easiest way to define DH is not (necessarily) a discipline in-and-of-itself, but a practice: the use of digital tools, software and techniques to enhance scholarship in the humanities. That being said, aside from enhancing traditional modes of scholarship (increasing speed of communication, increasing size and availability of databases, etc.), I think DH also offers unique insights that simply cannot be derived from traditional (analog) methods of research and analysis.
However, what ultimately makes DH unique from the traditional humanities, is its insistence on interdisciplinary collaboration, unique methods of scholarship, and mediums of study that are “born-digital”.


Carleton University


I’m a graduate student at Carleton University, currently taking my Masters in English Literature with a concentration in the Digital Humanities. I am interested in studying video games as a dynamic and interactive form of narrative, and hope to teach a course on literary criticism of video games someday.