Adam Heidebrink

How do you Define DH?

A study of the humanities inspired and informed by, though not confined to, computing and machines.




Hi there! I am a Contributing Editor with the digital journal Hybrid Pedagogy and serve wherever I can as an alternative Educator. I’m currently situated in the nonprofit sector, tutoring and training tutors to work with under-served high school students. I tend to specialize in not specializing, previously situated in public, private, and adventure education environments. Yet, in both scholarship and practice, I frequently find myself at the intersection of pedagogy, literacy, and technology. I often question the purpose traditional education serves, secretly fearing a hidden curriculum underlying everything we learn in schools. It is my ultimate goal to train a (nonviolent) ninja-army of critical thinkers who do not fear the (or any) system; individuals that are at once philosophers, artists, movers, and shakers. I sincerely believe that education isn’t something you receive, but rather, something you do.

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