Amy Cavender

How do you Define DH?

I think I’ll stick with the same definition I used last year: “Digital humanities involves the use of digital tools in research, teaching, and scholarship in humanities(-related) disciplines.”

I’ll add that DH, at its best, includes a sense of play and of discovery.


Saint Mary's College, Notre Dame, Indiana


I’m a Sister of the Holy Cross and an Associate Professor of Political Science at Saint Mary’s College, where I teach both introductory and upper-level courses in Political Thought, as well as courses on Religion and Politics and Human Rights. I also teach in the Writing Proficiency Program.

I’ve been writing for ProfHacker since 2009, and have a keen interest in the use of computers in my work both in and out of the classroom. In August I finished a year-long sabbatical, which I spent as a non-degree student in the Digital Humanities MA program at Loyola University Chicago. I’m now back at Saint Mary’s, having fun in the classroom and serving as interim director of the Center for Academic Innovation.