Tiffany Sostar

How do you Define DH?

I would define DH as the many different digital engagements, both academic and community-emergent, with humanities-related materials and theories, as well as the digital production of new humanities materials and theories.


University of Calgary and Possibilities Calgary


Tiffany Sostar is a queer, pleasure-positive feminist and activist. She is genderqueer, kinky, poly, neurodivergent and invisibly disabled. Writing has saved her life more than once, and continues to be an important part of her self-care. She offers safer space, inclusive and accessible writing workshops where participants can explore issues of gender, orientation, desire, fantasy, identity, history and ability. She is the founder of Possibilities Calgary Bisexual + Pansexual Community, and studies gender and sexuality at the University of Calgary in a combined Women’s Studies (Honours) and English (Honours, Creative Writing Concentration) degree. She is a goth on the inside and a community-building activist on the outside.