• Profile picture of Dawn Childress
    Dawn Childress
    Penn State Libraries
    I try not to define it -- I perform it!
  • Profile picture of Ethan Gruber
    Ethan Gruber
    American Numismatic Society
    The humanities are the humanities. Technology is merely a tool (albeit a powerful one), not a defining factor of a discipline. You use it or you don't. The Digital Humanities do not exist.
  • Profile picture of Andre de Avillez
    Andre de Avillez
    Pennsylvania State University / Public Philosophy Journal
    As the use of digital technologies to facilitate and/or inform work in the humanities.
  • Profile picture of Jon Voss
    Jon Voss
    people using digital tools to make sense of our world--past, present and future.
  • Profile picture of Ethan Watrall
    Ethan Watrall
    Michigan State University
    Who the hell knows....I certainly don't
  • Profile picture of Constance Crompton
    Constance Crompton
    University of British Columbia, Okanagan
    Last year, I simply said "DH is humanities inquiry using computational methods" but this year I should expand that definition, borrowing from Matt Gold: DH is at the intersection of traditional humanities and computing, and brings the two together through a methodological commitment to making as a way of knowing.
  • Profile picture of Chelcie Juliet Rowell
    Chelcie Juliet Rowell
    Wake Forest University
    DH is using technology to pursue humanistic inquiry and using humanist methods to critique technology.
  • Profile picture of Leigh Bonds
    Leigh Bonds
    Case Western Reserve University
  • Profile picture of Raymon S
    Raymon S
    I would define the Digital Humanities as the use of digital tools in any areas of interest that are Humanities related.
  • Profile picture of Victor Del Hierro
    Victor Del Hierro
    Michigan State University/ Calmecac Collective
    My definition of DH is influenced by Hip Hop practices that are constantly looking to manipulate technology for the communities using them. Therefore, I understand DH various communities of scholars that are using "digital" technology to produce, re-produce, re-imagine, and remember humanities based work.
  • Profile picture of Kurt Luther
    Kurt Luther
    Carnegie Mellon University
    For me, DH is using technology to support humanistic inquiry.
  • Profile picture of Dan Jaquint
    Dan Jaquint
    Michigan State University
    I'm defining DH by helping build this site!
  • Profile picture of Ethan Watrall
    Ethan Watrall
    Michigan State University
    The creative application of digital technology to humanities questions and data
  • Profile picture of Naomi Fraser
    Naomi Fraser
    Centre for Literary and Linguistic Computing (CLLC), University of Newcastle
    The Digital Humanities is an environment that encourages scholars to develop and apply digital tools to new and old questions.
  • Profile picture of Juan José Mendoza
    Juan José Mendoza
    a crossroads between humanist tradition and the digital age.
  • Profile picture of Laura Runge
    Laura Runge
    University of South Florida
    The intersection of digital technologies and the humanities. Others will have greater concern with defining the first term; I want to remember that humanistic inquiry involves the preservation, translation and interpretation of inherited cultures. So digital humanities do all of that through the tools and methods available in digital technologies. In a real way, the digital changes and transforms culture, too.
  • Profile picture of DH group at FBK
    DH group at FBK
    Fondazione Bruno Kessler, Trento, Italy
    DH is the field in which Humanities and Information Technologies can interact and support each other. On one side Humanistic competences can help Human Language Technologies to tackle one of the most difficult challenges of the discipline, which is the handling of the semantics of human language texts. On the other side Information Technologies can support research activities where the analysis of texts and images plays a crucial role and that are traditionally qualified as Humanistic (e.g. Historical and Literary Studies; Cultural Heritage).
  • Profile picture of Torsten Schaßan
    Torsten Schaßan
    Herzog August Bibliothek Wolfenbüttel; Institute for Documentology and Scholarly Editing (IDE)
    DH is part of what once was called "auxillary sciences" in the humanities in the best sense: To know about the theory and methods of carrying out scholarly work in a digital way and in the digital age is prerequisite to all work done.
  • Profile picture of Padraic Stack
    Padraic Stack
    The application of computational power to the solution of humanities questions.
  • Profile picture of Elena González-Blanco
    Elena González-Blanco
    UNED (Universidad Nacional de Educación a Distancia), Madrid
    DH is the perfect cocktail of computer science and rationalization of culture and humanities.