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Day of DH: Begannings

I arrived at the office at 7am and promptly forgot that today was Day of DH.

I started by going through my emails, replying to some, and deleting or filing others.

I spent an hour working on my presentation materials for the upcoming Texas Digital Humanities Consortium (TxDHC) Conference, which starts on Thursday. I’ll be giving a flowchart-based presentation on the Early Modern OCR Project (eMOP) of which I am a co-PM along with LIz Grumbach.

Sat in for a few minutes (starting at 8ish) on a discussion in our DH Lounge with IDHMC Director Dr. Laura Mandell and Post-Doc Tim Duguid where we discussed some of the wording on the new ARC website, under construction.

From 9-10 held a Skype meeting with Liz Grumbach and the members of eMOP’s post-processing triage team to discuss the de-noising of OCR results and the correction of OCR text. We’ve got a huge DB of n-grams that we need to try to install on our servers and then test the performance.

Then I spent some time getting caught up with DoDH and trying to figure out if the Search function on this webpage does anything at all.

Time to send some emails and get back to work on my presentation.