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7:00 pm

Today provides a good excuse to make progress on my digital projects, so I’m going to work through some eXist-db tutorials.

Why eXist-db?

Last year, in the XSLT course at the Digital Humanities Summer Institute, I created* a ‘keyword in context’ (KWIC) concordance tool for an early Chinese historical work, the Han shu 漢書 [History of the (former) Han Dynasty)] by Ban Gu 班固 (32-92 CE) et al. I will present this tool as a part of the colloquium and poster session at this year’s DHSI. I’ve already worked out the bugs of the basic tool, but I have something more complex in mind for the long-term; for this, I’m learning the eXist-db open-source XML database platform.

A screenshot of the digital concordance, which is set up for comparing the contexts of two words simultaneously:

In this case, we are comparing two words that have to do with knowledge. Want to know more? Visit my poster at DHSI!

* Martin Holmes helped immensely with this. Thanks Martin!!