Taipei, 11:59 pm, Day of DH 2014 comes to a close.

With a brief break for dinner, I spent the past five hours playing with eXist-db and going through xquery tutorials and documentation. A couple of fundamental xquery concepts clicked for me, and I was able to do some web-scraping; however, there is still a lot to learn before I can build the more complicated text analysis tool I have in mind.

One of the motivations behind Day of DH is to collect data on DHers, so it is important to ask: Is this an accurate reflection of what I do? It’s true that I picked today to do some DH-related work, and this is not the work I was doing last night, nor is it what I will be doing tomorrow night, most likely. So yes, I don’t spend every night web-scraping and learning programming languages and database platforms. Still, tonight is not an unusual night. Despite the fact that my schedule is already packed with Chinese language learning, I have spent several evenings like this recently. Over the past few weeks, I updated my website, adding some (basic) responsive design; I spent a couple of other nights struggling with eXist-db; and I have been working here and there on several electronic texts. In the end, Day of DH was a typical day. And it was a good day.

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