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Part-time students on the MADH at NUIM are taking their final module for 2013/14. It’s a demanding MA and we’ve covered a lot.

It is probably the wrong approach but this evening I am switching between two assignments; a 2,000 word essay on metadata standards and a Dublin Core exercise where we are asked to create DC documents for a variety of resources. Most of our modules have synthesised a theoretical approach to Digital Humanities with practical, technical skills.

It is difficult to focus intently on one thing after a day at work so I’m trying to do a little bit for both assignments. But really, I’m not doing very much on either!

Part of one of my metadata assignments
Part of one of our metadata assignments.


Metadata: we are not alone

Librarians have a thing for metadata. And as I progress through the MA in Digital Humanities at NUIM, I’m beginning to realise that we are not alone. Metadata are an essential component of the Digital Age in which we live and the DH community acknowledges the crucial role of metadata for the retrieval, sharing, use and preservation of DH data.

This afternoon I am looking at the metadata requirements for batch uploads to the eDeposit Ireland side of TARA, the Institutional Repository of Trinity College Dublin.  I’m working with librarians and content managers at TCD to upload Met Éireann publications to the TCD-hosted IR. This collaborative project extends the Legal Deposit remit of TCD Library and gives Met Éireann an open access platform that will help to make our public sector information available to all.

This work synthesises well with the metadata module I’m currently taking at Maynooth.  It gives me the opportunity to practice technical metadata skills, which I hope to be able to apply to a Digital Humanities project next year as part of my MA thesis.


eDeposit at TCD Library extends the remit of legal deposit to include digital publications.
eDeposit extends TCD Library’s Legal Depoist remit to include digital publications.


Science s Art

The team from Science Gallery visited Met Éireann this morning as part of their work on the upcoming ‘Strange Weather’ exhibition.  We talked about our collection at the Met Éireann Library and I was excited to show off some of our manuscripts. They seemed excited too!

Science Gallery is a lovely synthesis of stuff; art meets science, knowledge-sharing meets community engagement. And it’s always fun.

The exhibition is due to start in the summertime and I really hope that we can work together to showcase some of our beautiful manuscripts and to draw attention to the history of meteorology in Ireland.  Some DH-related things we talked about; collaboration, crowd-sourcing, network analysis, digitisation, coding and preservation.

It’s early days for this project and I’m looking forward to what’s ahead.

Sample of meteorological observation taken at Markree Castle, Co. Sligo (1876)
Sample of meteorological observation taken at Markree Castle, Co. Sligo (1876)

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