#DayofDH=Day of Frustration?

So, I have been working on a digital repository of the 2010 World Cup since October.  I recently got a version of the site up and running that I really liked both visually and organizationally.  It looked kind of like this:

comingsoonLast Thursday, I got access to a test version of a plugin for KORA that is pretty key to my project’s entire functionality.  When I tried to activate the plugin, I got a pretty major error that caused me to have to reinstall my site, which now looks like this:


So, on this #DayofDH, it’s time to rebuild.  This will be the third iteration of my site and it’s only gotten better every time that I’ve had to start from scratch, so this version (I’m telling myself) will be the best one yet.

But these kind of setbacks and frustrations are part of what DH is all about.  Stumbling, cussing (A LOT from this potty-mouthed Southerner), learning from your mistakes and moving forward.  So that’s what I’m going to do!  As we say in isiZulu, phambili!