#DayofDH: Digital Collaboration

So, I’m still relatively new to the whole DH thing.  I kind of stumbled into last spring when I decided to apply for a CHI fellowship.  And now, I LOVE IT.  Even though today is the #DayofDH, for me, every day is really a DH day.

I am working on two (maybe, three) projects that are digitally-based right now, and I’m really getting a lot out of it.  I’m producing work that I’m proud of and that is useful for lots of folks, not just myself or my colleagues in academia.  And these projects have also been influenced and enhanced by the contributions of others.

I’ve written about digital collaboration before (on my personal blog), but I am still pleasantly surprised and inspired by the willingness of scholars (most of whom I have never met before) from around the world (Europe, Africa, the Middle East, etc.) who have offered me priceless insights, time, and materials to help make my projects, and Imbiza in particular, the best that they can be.

But digital pathways have also allowed me to develop other projects–one’s that are not born-digital.  For example, I am working on a research project on an 18th-century slave ship right now and am receiving help from a number of scholars based in both the United States and South Africa–ok, maybe I’m making a map with Visualeyes to go with the research paper, but still.  Although we’re just using email, this is still a kind of engagement with scholars that I would not be able to enjoy without virtual connections.

So, on this #DayofDH, why don’t you…………………..


and think about how academic scholarship can be fostered digitally?