As part of my work as a project manager at Performant Software, I supervise work by our production assistant, Susan. In the past hour or so, I’ve had the following interactions with Susan:

  • She consulted me on an odd-looking test result from our iOS project, and I decided that it merited filing a bug report for the developer to investigate.
  • She advised me that after a lot of trial and error, she’d finally gotten a certain piece of software up and running on one of our office computers. The software in question is an old Windows program, delivered on DVD, that we’ve been tasked with reinventing as an interactive, web-based program.
  • I had asked her to look into pa11y, an automated test for web page accessibility that I had read about on ProfHacker. Susan let me know that she had run into some errors when trying to install pa11y on her computer and asked if I knew anything about the errors. I didn’t, so Susan said she would keep working on trying to resolve them herself.

(Soundtrack as I type this post: Iestyn Davies’ brand new CD of John Dowland songs, called The Art of Melancholy. It was released today and I swooped home at lunch to pick up my Amazon order so I can take it to a concert and signing tonight!)