Starting the Day

Welcome to my Day of DH! I am a project manager at Performant Software Solutions, where I specialize in collaborating with academic clients on digital humanities projects, although I am also involved with some of the company’s non-DH projects. Although I have an academic background, I will be blogging today about working on DH from the software production side.

I started today, like every day, by reviewing all of the new emails that have landed in my inbox overnight. I was especially pleased by a message from a QA and support manager at Pivotal Labs. Here at Performant, we rely on their Pivotal Tracker online project management software to organize, delegate, and track our software development work. The developers at Pivotal Labs have recently made a number of changes to Pivotal Tracker, and I sent in a comment saying that one of the new features had made my workflow more difficult to manage. Pivotal Labs responded by giving users the option to go back to the old feature. I really like the fact that they not only responded to user feedback (the mark of a good developer!) but also sent me a notification letting me know exactly how to get the old feature back. Thanks, Pivotal!

(Soundtrack for starting the day: Handel’s Birthday Ode for Queen Anne, sung by Andreas Scholl, Andreas Wolf, and Héléne Guilmette. I like to start the day with a little musical optimism.)