Preparing Testing Notes

One of the principles of agile software development, which we practice in a “lean” form here at Performant Software, is that the software development plan should be open to change in response to feedback from the client and test users.

I have a similar attitude towards my role in project management. We have a general process for managing all of our software development projects, but I adjust my day-to-day practices to meet the needs of the project, the client, and the developer(s).

Currently, we are getting very close to wrapping up development on an iOS app. The client is a local artist, and the app will be a variation on one of his art projects. In this case, the client has raised some questions about our testing process and the readiness of the software for release, so I have asked our in-house software tester, Susan, to write up her testing results in more detail than usual. I’ve been editing her testing notes to prepare them for presentation to the client at a meeting tomorrow.

For most projects, we open Pivotal Tracker to the client and let them read our brief testing notes there. We also try to give the client access to a staging site or testing release of mobile software as early and often as possible so that they can do as much of their own testing as they wish.

In the case of this particular project, the client needs something more in order to be satisfied with the results of testing, so it is my job to provide what the client needs.

(Soundtrack for this part of the day: still listening to¬†Rodelinda. Just got through Iestyn Davies’ rendition of “Vivi, tiranno.” Pretty satisfying!)