What’s Next


I’m now wrapping up my day by looking over some conference CFPs, clearing out old email, and editing my paper for EVA London. As #DayofDH comes to an end, I find myself thinking of the future. Even though we KCL MADHers still have a dissertation and exams to complete before we officially finish our program, we’re already thinking about next life steps. What does someone do with a Master’s in Digital Humanities? The answer: almost anything.

OK, that’s an exaggeration, but we live in a time when technological skills are valued in most industries, and plenty of companies like to hire students with humanities backgrounds. MADH alums have found themselves in academia, in the cultural heritage sector, in publishing, and in other web-related industries. (If you’re curious, there are some profiles of KCL DDH MA students that will give you a little insight into the different types of students who’ve attended KCL for Digital Humanities and what they’ve done since graduating.)

For myself, I’ve got a few different irons in the fire, but any one of them I hope will lead me on to further postgraduate study and/or employment in which my MA in DH will be of use. Two thing I know for certain: I know that it would have taken me much much longer to learn what I know now, if at all, if I had tried to teach myself DH skills (even using MOOCs), and getting a formal education in DH means that I, my peers, and our potential employers can officially recognize the DH knowledge we’ve gained and work we’ve accomplished.

Apart from the valuable experience that is KCL’s MADH program itself, I believe that taking advantage of the growing number of DH courses, programs, and degrees offered by universities around the world (whether at the undergraduate or postgraduate or even professorial levels) is beneficial to aspiring DHers. Let’s take as much advantage as we possibly can of the paths already pioneered so that we can be better equipped to forge new paths further into the DH jungle.

By the way, if you’re interested in seeing a consolidation of tweets from today, check out a Storify of #DayofDH here: http://storify.com/daliaguerreiro/dayofdh-1