KCL MA dissertations are due in September, which is sneaking up fast! We’ve already turned in our proposals and begun our final work for the program. To keep myself organized and have a place I can’t lose in which to brainstorm, I’m using the large bulletin board in my room. I’ve been adding and shifting the cards around as I build the skeleton of my project. This will get much messier as the summer progresses.

KCL MADHers must complete 12-15,000 word essays as well as digital projects for our dissertations. Our dissertations should seek to answer a humanities question but should also analyze our building process and resulting digital project. As you can see from the picture, the tentative title for my dissertation is “Visualizing the New Woman.” I’m sure there will be a colon and a subtitle to follow when all is said and done, but I’m keeping it simple for now. Essentially, my dissertation will involve my applying natural language processing and other digital tools to a selection of New Woman texts, the goal being to trace the evolution of the term “New Woman” over time and to map authorial influences. I’ll then use data visualization to show these results. Both the visualizations and further in depth research will be compiled into a website designed for both academic and general public uses.

I’ll be presenting my work in progress in July at the Research Workshop at EVA London in July, and I hope to present the final work in the fall in the US.