To The Library!

Today I’m leaving home earlier than most days this semester. Off to the public library with a couple of books to return (one on a subject I’m writing a paper about, one a Young Adult fiction novel from a publisher I’d like to write for) and a book to pick up.


The one I’m picking up isn’t in the collection at this branch — the Nellie McClung branch of Greater Victoria Public Library. But I found it by searching the online collection, and put a hold on it. A librarian at the Bruce Hutchison branch pulled the book off the shelves, and put it in a box being trucked over to this branch. Handy for us home-based researchers who don’t own a car! But then, with buses, my trike, the CarShare Co-op, and the help of the library’s computer records for its collection, a car is just not necessary for today.

And while I’m walking (for my health, walking beats going to a gym!) I’m remembering my favourite line from an action movie… “I’ve got to get to a library right away!” Wonder how many people recognise the film…