Life’s a Beach

The only time I forget to eat is when I’m working in this computer lab. It’s a real effort to get away. Lunch is going to be an apple and a granola bar at the beach.

When I was writing in my old place next to Cadboro Bay’s Gyro Park, I could put down my computer or pen and walk a few hundred feet to the beach with my little inflatable kayak on my shoulder. But now that I’m staying in my mother’s condo on the other side of UVic campus, it’s harder to get to the beach with any of my kayaks. Yes, I know, anyone who can say the phrase “get to the beach with any of my kayaks” really shouldn’t complain. Even so, I didn’t want to drag my kayak around to the library and to the campus and then to the beach and back to campus and then home. I’m phoning my partner to see if we can meet at Telegraph CoveĀ  with the kayak in the back of a borrowed van. The van isn’t only to move my kayak around conveniently — after the beach my partner is going to pick up a friend to take her to the Uni 201 class we’re all doing at 6:00.


Enough talk. Off to make the phone call. This is the beach I’m walking to, where I’ll relax for an hour before hiking back up the hill to UVic. I took this photo last year at Telegraph Cove, and the great blue heron held still just long enough for this pose. Aum!