The earliest part of the Day of DH 2014 starts at the end of the day before. I’ve been having dinner with my family; it’s a very reassuring thing for all of us, with two members passing away this year. So the evening after dinner has been a late one, with my mother watching Star Trek on television, and me typing at the dining room table where I can see the screen and talk with Mom about the show as it happens.

My son in Edmonton had time for a Gmail chat with me, as I wrote and checked my e-mail. We discussed Monsanto’s genetically-modified food organisms being vulnerable to microbes, and individually tailored treatments for health conditions, and so on. A pretty ordinary chat for us, come to think of it…

I got enough writing done, and by the time I brush my teeth and crawl into bed, it’ll be after midnight. I know staying up late is just borrowing energy from tomorrow, but sometimes that’s just how it is.