On the Job Hunt with Kayak Writer

It’s my second year in the Day of DH, and I’m looking forward to a busy day on April 8. This spring is different from last year, when I was defending my master’s essay on what has been published about Cowichan woolworking, and visiting my father in the nursing home. In spring 2014, I’m looking for work as a writing teacher — work that will put my brand-new MA to good use!  And instead of living on one side of the University of Victoria campus at the beach where I often go kayaking, my partner and I are temporarily living on the other side of campus (still in walking distance) with my widowed mother.5077041102_61ca2ffbf2_z

There are a lot of things that are still the same as last year. I’m writing another book (not academic) and another article for a symposium (academic), and writing new posts for the blogs I write with friends — Kayak Yak and Sci/Why.  There are two libraries where I’ll be doing research and picking up or dropping off books. And I’ll be on the water in my kayak at some point in the day. Full schedule!