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IMG_5784Time for a little bit of rest (yes, DH people do rest sometimes!). Got back home this evening to find this, literally sweet, “Study Bunny Buddy” from Eoin. He really knows what I to keep me going:-)





He also cooked delicious dinner, so all I can do is to relax now… Thank you my dear!




When watching the news this evening I realized that while we’re all #DH-ing all day the history books are being written for the next generations: Ireland’s President Michael D Higgins and Northern Ireland’s First and Deputy First Ministers Peter Robinson and Martin McGuinness were welcomed by Queen Elizabeth at Windsor tonight.  It took so long, but let’s hope it will last long. #peace



Researching the Fagel Collection

IMG_5730Most of my #DayofDH I spent in… a library! To be specific, in the Early Printed Books and Special Collections Department in the Old Library in Trinity College, where the Fagel Collection is kept. Not very digital considering the equipment: pencil and notebook. I got this lovely notebook from Alex by the way, thank you Alex! As promised, I’m filling it with many bright idea:-) In the library I had to identify and verify a few things for my PhD research, and the material was not very digital either: books from the 17th century. 


I looked at these four books from the Fagel Collection:

  • Hendrik Hondius (1573–1650), Institutio Artis Perspectivae, the Hague, 1622, (Fag. N.3.52)
  • Ole Worm (1588-1655), Museum Wormianum, Leiden, 1655, (Fag.K.3.24)
  • Athanasius Kircher, S.J. (1601 or 1602 – 1680), Ars magna lucis et umbrae, Amsterdam, 1671, (Fag.N.1.7)
  • Chérubin d’Orléans (1613-1697), La Dioptrique Oculaire, Paris, 1671, (Fag.N.3.45)

The illustrations are fantastic and very interesting. Subject matter? Optics, perspective, light, astronomy and all in between.  As always I spent too much time on old good Kircher – what a beautifully complicated mind he was!

Here are some images (details) to brighten up your day:

I managed to get a nice coffee break too, but that’s for the next post!


On my way…

I decided to share with you my (every) Day of DH walk. I’m very fortunate to be living only a 15 minutes walk from Trinity College in Dublin, and the walk is not bad either! Especially on a beautiful sunny day like that.



I cross the Seán O’Casey Bridge every morning. The view over the Liffey River, Dublin Docklands, Samuel Beckett Bridge, Poolbeg chimneys and Jeanie Johnston Tall Ship is stunning.



When I get to Trinity College Campus, this sculpture always makes me stop – the reflection never looks the same: ‘Apples and Atoms’ by Eilís O’Connell RHA, Celebrating Ernest T.S. Walton 1903-95, Nobel Laureate


The campus is in the heart of our busy city, but it feels like a totally different world with all the green treasures. The trees, especially the cherry trees are currently blooming too!

IMG_5419      IMG_5411

IMG_5412      IMG_5410



This is one of my favourite buildings on the campus, the Museum building designed by Thomas Deane and Benjamin Woodward. It is inspired by the Byzantine architecture of Venice and was built in 1853-57. Now it houses the Zoological Museum


IMG_5414And another gem on my way through the Berkeley Library forecourt – Arnaldo Pomodoro’s ‘Sfera con Sfera’, the ‘Pomodoro sphere’, as it is known locally.


#PomodoroSelfie – I couldn’t resist!




And my final destination – Trinity Long Room Hub. My desk is on the top floor where I spent most of my DH time. This building is home to Trinity Long Room Hub Arts and Humanities Research Institute, Trinity College’s DAH students, Cendari and Trinity College Library Dublin’s Digital Resources and Imaging Services (DRIS). Is it as good as it sounds! Great place to work!


IMG_5415       IMG_5417


Work is waiting so… see you later!

My {every} DAY of DH

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