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Tweets from the Day

My #DayofDH began with coordinating homeschooling with @lisaschamess. Arduino-based robotics, Processing, and game studies all on the agenda

White paper “From Bitstreams to Heritage: Putting Digital Forensics into Practice in Collecting Institutions” (pdf) 

Working on CCCC Committee on Computers in Composition and Communication projects

Cmte work includes organizing the Technology Innovator Award & coordinating a working group in the much needed revamp of a website

I always forget just how much documenting my day as a digital humanist interferes with my day of being a digital humanist.

Community, mentoring, and play by @nymgamer

Lunch, laundry, and back to work.

Dog walking and then back to non-#DayofDH writing, editing, and project management for . Not DH, but it pays the bills

Lapsang souchong tea made. Now to the editing and project management.

#DayofDH is a good day to give a shout out to Maine’s online graduate certficate program in digital curation. 

Gathering materials to create a paper-circuit microcontroller.

A list of tweets from today in chronological order:

First to make dinner, then to make a paper-based microcontroller.

Paper circuit microcontroller building is happening. Was delayed by daughter’s request to watch X-files.

A simple paper circuit made with copper tape. Paper circuit microcontroller coming. 

The Tiny AVR Programmer and an ATtiny 85 chip that will run the paper microcontroller.

My Tiny AVR Programmer doesn’t work, so no paper microcontroller tonight.

I’ll try programming the chip with an Arduino and breadboard tomorrow.