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Days Of Future DH


Hi! My name is Jim McGrath, and this is my first year participating in Day of DH! I wanted to check in to lay out what visitors might expect from my particular contribution to this project. Here’s what passes for tomorrow’s agenda (as of 11:10pm on Monday):

-I’ll be spending most of the day at The Eighth Annual Digital Commonwealth Conference, hosted this year by The College of The Holy Cross in Worcester, MA. Specifically, I’ll be speaking about Our Marathon: The Boston Bombing Digital Archive with my friend and co-worker Dave DeCamp at an afternoon session on “Audience Engagement and Crowdsourcing” (where we’ll be joined by the wonderful Alyssa Pacy of The Cambridge Public Library). Most of my day will be spent in Worcester attending various sessions (like the morning session called “Online Exhibits: From Paper to Published,” which will feature Our Marathon Co-Director Alicia Peaker).

-This is a particularly busy week for Our Marathon, as we’re quickly approaching the one year anniversary of last year’s tragic events. A large portion of the day will be spent on various Our Marathon duties: checking the site for new contributions (have you shared your story with us?), planning upcoming “Share Your Story” events at The Boston Public Library and The Pollard Library in Lowell, finalizing details on an Our Marathon exhibit that opens at Northeastern on Thursday, checking in with new team members working on our Boston City Archives acquisitions, checking in with the amazing oral historians working on The WBUR Oral History Project (segments of which you may have heard on WBUR), responding to various e-mails, and  doing a bit of social media outreach. Part of today was spent at the opening of the “Dear Boston” exhibit at The BPL, which is really amazing: learn more about the project here and here.

-If I have time (fingers crossed), I may get some TEI work done for Digital Humanities Quarterly, as I’m presently their bibliographic developer. I also need to prep for a meeting with Julia Flanders on Wednesday, where we’ll be talking about my proposal for this year’s TEI Conference.

-I’ll also be Tweeting about Day of DH, the conference, and Our Marathon (among other topics)  @JimMc_Grath.  If I have time, I may be able to see if there are any updates from my good buddy @CK1Blogs. If I REALLY have time, I might even get to ‘Gram a bit from Worcester!

Looking forward to my first Day of DH! Now it’s time for me to make sure all of my DH tools (phone, laptop, Kindle) are charged and ready to roll for tomorrow! Night!